Stay Safe on Sony Play Station Network

In this advanced life every person wants to interact with other persons. People prefer many types of methods, from which internet is of the widely used common methods to interact with people. People use social Networking sites, gaming etc., one of the most preferred gaming Networks now a day’s is Sony’s Play Station Network.

People who are customers of the Sony Play Station Network are facing some kinds of problems as some time ago there was a report published which says that Sony’s database was steal by hackers. But now the Sony officials say that everything is alright and they have changed the services also. It must be noted that earlier people were able to change other people passwords if they know their details like e-mail address or date of birth. This had happened because the information was stolen from the Sony database.

So we can say that Sony is now a day’s centre of attacks by the hackers so it is also our own duty to keep ourselves safe from these types of attacks. Some tips that the users may follow to keep themselves safer are:

Some people are informed by Sony to change their passwords but some people may be missed or are not informed. So if we are not informed about changing the password of our account we must change it, a strong password must be used now. Also if we are using the same password for any other services which are provided by Sony Play Station Network, that should also be changed. We can change the password only by using console as changing password service is down on Sony Play Station Network website.

Another best method to remain safe is creating a new email account which should be used only for Sony Play Station Network. This email should be registered with Sony as the persons which may have the earlier list of people’s emails can send fake emails by pretending themselves to be from Sony and can have information about us or about our accounts. Even they can steal credit cards number using phishing emails.

We can also prefer using Sony Play Stations pre-paid card service. Using this service we can delete our information from the account there like credit card number.

We must keep monitoring the transactions from our credit card account which is related to Sony Play Station Network. Any kind of transaction which we have not made can be easily traced and we can remain safe along with our money.