Cloud Computing – What It Is And What It Is Not

The Cloud is a virtual environment that facilitates users in easily accessing and using services hosted over the internet. The use of Google apps to view and upload documents and datasheets has been made possible through cloud computing. It frees you from having to installing any software or email servers on your local computerm thus reducing costs to a large extent. Cloud computing also eliminates the need for IT professionals. Due to these time saving and cost-effective benefits, cloud computing has become a very popular feature in the IT world.

How Does the Cloud Computing Model Work?

It is actually not very practical to buy new software for every computer within an organization because it amounts to added expenses and an overload of applications that can hinder the normal progress of the machines. With the help of the cloud computing system you can now access all your programs and applications, resting on a remote machine, through a web-based service. As a result your local computers do not have the burden of running all these applications, which makes operations quicker. All you need to do is use your web browser to access the applications.

Cloud Computing Architecture

The cloud computing system is comprised of front end and back end operations. The front end refers to the client’s side, where users can access applications on any virtual thin client via computer networks. The back end deals with several servers and data storage systems that provide the computing services. The entire back end and front end synchronization is handled by a central server to monitor and provide uninterrupted services to the user.

What Is Not Cloud Computing?

The term “cloud” has been misinterpreted and used universally for any sort of service that is available via the web. Cloud computing cannot be categorized as:

Cloud computing is an architectural system that can deliver services on individual independent platforms via web applications. However, any platform or device dependent application cannot be classified as cloud computing. Similarly if the data fails to be accessed locally or in any location or even offline then it cannot be considered a cloud computing application. If the information provided is not secure and does not fulfill privacy compliance regulations, then it is not a qualified application or service.

What Is the Need for Cloud Computing?

Businesses can gain a lot from the cloud computing platform because it provides a potent virtual workspace that can be harnessed to the maximum and utilized to reach unimaginable goals.

Network Redundancy Techniques

When building a network, some considerations must be taken from the point of view ofavailability. In the context of networks, availability means that the network must be operable during the whole day regardless of failures. Thus, some techniques must be taken to make the network available all the time.

In order to develop redundant network one must consider the possible failures that must occur during the network operation. These failures are categorized into two types: link failure and network device failures. In link failures, one cable connecting two computers or two any two devices such as routers or switches can be disconnected and make some of the network or all of it to be down. On the other end, device failure means that the network device itself is down which could be router, switch, or a hub.

First let us find how to overcome link failures. The solution in link failures is simpler than device failure because all we need to do is to provide multiple links between devices such that when a link is down, other link takes its role. This is simple of course but can lead to problems. This is because when there are more one link connecting the devices the data will find multiple links and the switch will forward the data to multiple links and the receiving end will receive the data more than one time. In addition, looping can occur because the data will be forwarded across the links forever. This will occur because there is more than one path to the destination and because the switch or the hub forwards the data to all ports.

The solution to looping is to use some protocols that block some ports on the switch and open others so that only one path is existed to the destination. This is achieved by what is called spanning tee protocol, which is available on Cisco switches. Notice that the concept of looping and STP are applied only to devices connected through a LAN and not to routers.

Second let us see the other type of failure which is device failure. This type occurs when a network device fails and thus is unable to forward the packets. The failure here can have a big impact on the network if it occurs in the core layer of the network which connects the whole network together. Therefore the solution is suggested to be applied at the core layer where two network devices are connected to the network to forward the data, one is the primary and the other is the secondary If one device fails, the secondary becomes available.

The above technique is configured on the router or the switch depending on what is used. Some protocols are developed to accomplish this function and are available on Cisco devices. When implementing it, one must connect the device at the core which must be redundant to the proper ports of other devices and connect similar device to the rest of the network in the same manner the primary device is connected. If the primary fails, this secondary takes it role

Are You Ready For A Wi-fi Network In Your Home?

One of the fastest growing segments of Internet connectivity today is Wireless Internet. Wi-Fi, or Wireless Fidelity, is Internet connectivity over dual band networks that are classified by a set of standards most commonly referred to as 802.11, 802.11a, and 802.11b. Although there are several other standards, these three are the most common at this time. Access over these types of networks is available in most major cities in the United States, and the technological standards used to define Wi-Fi access are in use in many other countries.

The 802.11 standards can be classified by several unique features, as well as the potential speed available. 802.11a and 802.11b are currently considered the two fastest wireless network standards offering uploads up to 11mbps and downloads at a brisk 54mbps. Clearly these speeds can compete with any satellite or DSL Internet offering, and many cable services are significantly slower.

Security Issues:

The convenience and ease of use of Wi-Fi connectivity also comes with several security issues. Along with the standard security concerns inherent in a wired connection, data sent and received via a wireless connection can be intercepted and received almost anywhere within a given range. With the introduction of Wired Equivalent Privacy, or WEP, encryption has become a standard security measure with almost every wireless high speed internet connection. Even with a WEP key in place the wireless data can be captured, it is simply unlikely that the information would be useful. Of course a determined hacker could eventually access the data, but this would be the exception not the rule.

A more common Wi-Fi security problem is referred to as an Evil Twin Attack. This type of attack takes place when a hacker hijacks a wireless network signal. The hijacker creates a wireless access point in their own laptop computer, basically offering a wireless network to anyone within range of their signal. The hacker then enters a popular wireless access area such as a coffee shop or mall and makes their network available. When a user tries to log into the network offered by their favorite coffee shop, it is possible they mistakenly choose the hacker’s wireless access point. This is a way a hacker can bypass many security measures often including encryption. Every packet of data sent or received via an Evil Twin is available to the hijacker. There are several security measures that can be taken to avoid an Evil Twin attack as well as other dangers. These include:

? Use WPA or WPA2 security. This configures all security keys at the router, and prevents any unencrypted data from being sent. This is often only available with a home service.

? When setting up home wireless access, rename the network from the factory preset to something unique. This will insure that the correct network is always used.

? Never log into a wireless network that does not use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) security.

? Use a smart software client that encrypts all data before it is ever sent to the Internet.

? Try to only use a wireless connection that provides Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). WPA further strengthens the security provided by WEP.

Any Routers Together With Goes Offer The Ideal Marketing Web Treatments

Appreciate the fact numerous focus on any convergence for technological innovation and also raising easy training copying every kind for records somewhere between him or her. Simple most important factor has driven to the current convergence stands out as the beginning for online systems. The entire fashionable electrical instruments, applications together with other products and services are based on online systems. Any tranny for copy, shots and hd films about numerous podiums together with newspaper and tv in terms of ” cable ” together with mobile systems currently is likely. Any cables that together with the effective use of intermediary applications for example routers & goes will ease correlation somewhere between tools.

Any routers together with goes experiencing a variety of cities can be utilised meant for marketing web needs, devices an individual DESKTOP utilizing other. Any cables that for these people are likely to be preferred based on numerous laptops to generally be interconnected and also bandwidth. There’s an easy main difference somewhere between bodily being employed within the routers and also goes. Any discerning users will certainly fully understand similar to being able to fully understand what they want to shop for. Any routers are designed to work with a variety of space companies. From a your home correlation, any router must be used to participate in a good LAN by using a WAN networking so your web connection is established in Personal computers. Most are identified as any broadband routers. Meant for great enterprises, the larger routers is usually put to use together meant for posting for online world and likewise meant for functioning advanced customers among the many institution laptops. Those job by just finding any TCP/IP street address of every incoming repository after which you can, copying those into the place IP street address.

For those who were definitely to apply any goes to your same exact needs mainly because the fact that within the router, mention for example the your home experience of online world, consequently you must take advantage of several networking HTC, an individual meant for your home LAN and also many other meant for online world WAN. The decision meant for these types of is certainly obviated by using an individual router. It will link up the many laptops evenly good. Any router may also be used to attach the many goes. Any routers meant for your home joints are likely to be ” cable ” however , one can find any mobile Wi-Fi routers in the process.

The trendy devices cables that can handle copying any different kinds of records to show tools which unfortunately is a CONTRIBUTED personal pc looks after or simply any LARGE DEFINITION Television. The trendy HDMI, or simply any high definition multi media vent, cables that at the same time empower on the internet somewhere between online world, laptops,Dvd player, MOVIE competitors and also high definition Television. In actual fact, only one wire are often used to confirm any on the internet among the many numerous tools. Similar is able of getting the whole high definition audio-visual superior.

Any marketing web together with unit installation pros will find out the actual precise aspect together with height for wire that you require in your institution. These would be able to instruction regarding various marketing web opportunities together with your particular capabilities together with demerits. For this reason, the value of them can not be forgotten about to your marketing web needs, irrespective of whether among the Personal computers or simply among the many many other audio-visual electronic devices. Very much the same popularity can be appearing subscribed during the mobile marketing web tools together with products in the process.

Stay Safe on Sony Play Station Network

In this advanced life every person wants to interact with other persons. People prefer many types of methods, from which internet is of the widely used common methods to interact with people. People use social Networking sites, gaming etc., one of the most preferred gaming Networks now a day’s is Sony’s Play Station Network.

People who are customers of the Sony Play Station Network are facing some kinds of problems as some time ago there was a report published which says that Sony’s database was steal by hackers. But now the Sony officials say that everything is alright and they have changed the services also. It must be noted that earlier people were able to change other people passwords if they know their details like e-mail address or date of birth. This had happened because the information was stolen from the Sony database.

So we can say that Sony is now a day’s centre of attacks by the hackers so it is also our own duty to keep ourselves safe from these types of attacks. Some tips that the users may follow to keep themselves safer are:

Some people are informed by Sony to change their passwords but some people may be missed or are not informed. So if we are not informed about changing the password of our account we must change it, a strong password must be used now. Also if we are using the same password for any other services which are provided by Sony Play Station Network, that should also be changed. We can change the password only by using console as changing password service is down on Sony Play Station Network website.

Another best method to remain safe is creating a new email account which should be used only for Sony Play Station Network. This email should be registered with Sony as the persons which may have the earlier list of people’s emails can send fake emails by pretending themselves to be from Sony and can have information about us or about our accounts. Even they can steal credit cards number using phishing emails.

We can also prefer using Sony Play Stations pre-paid card service. Using this service we can delete our information from the account there like credit card number.

We must keep monitoring the transactions from our credit card account which is related to Sony Play Station Network. Any kind of transaction which we have not made can be easily traced and we can remain safe along with our money.