Why Cloud Computing is Gaining Importance?

Cloud Computing Services

It might not be an exaggeration if someone says that there would be no one who is unaware of the Cloud services because, there has been a huge demand to the service. Every individual using the internet would use the service at any point of time. Most of the email accounts have a cloud storage system. The cloud computing systems have given a beautiful solution to many business problems.

What are Cloud Computing Services

To develop and use certain applications, highly sophisticated and dedicated servers would be required. It may not be possible for all the companies to afford such huge amounts on the equipment. So, the vendors would start the servers with huge investments and host them round the clock. The vendors grant access of servers to the companies by charging an amount. Thus the companies would be relived from huge financial expenditure for a nominal fee.

Why Cloud Computing

Imagine that you are planning to start a company and develop some applications using a dynamic Java Platform. Let the application consume huge volumes of memory say 500 TB. Let the RAM required be at 6 TB. What should be the speed of the system? Can you mange to do it through your personal computer? In fact, your Hard disk might not even be sufficient to host cache files too.

In this case, you do certainly require a dynamic server with great configuration and highest processing speed. Additionally, it must be looked after by expert technical experts round the clock to safeguard it from all the attacks and to fix the bugs.

Let the revenue for the project you are undertaking be at $ 2000. Would it be sufficient to build such sophisticated systems? Frankly speaking, it could not even be sufficient to maintain the servers for a month. So, what should you do? Quit the project and remain idle?

No, this is Why Cloud Computing systems are evolved. You can gain access to the cloud services by paying a fee till your project gets finished. It might hardly cost you around $ 200. Thus, your purpose is served and the vendor gets the revenue. Thus, a win-win situation takes place.

Major Attractions of the Cloud systems

The cloud storage would come up with multiple benefits not only to the freelancers but also to the multinational companies. Some of the benefits of the systems are

All these have contributed to the increase in the market for the services.

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